Espace Monet-Rollinat – Art center


Update – July 30th 2021


The second edition of the international collage days, bringing together around thirty collagist artists, took place from May 19 to June 30, 2021 at Espace Monet-Rollinat, in Fresselines, France.

collage artists from around the world: Brazil: Anete Mendonça, Vando Figueiredo, Brenda Nunes, Sandra Montenegro / France: Jao, Juliette Agabra, Laurence Hochin, Erik Bonnet, Thierry Faligot / Franco-Brazilian: Esteban Ubretgi, Phébus Regentait/ Russia: Anastasia Zithnuk / Belgium: David Crunelle, Frédéric Thiry, Josiane Debatisse / Cuba: Luis Cabrera/ The Netherlands: DB Waterman, Rob Benders/ Spain: Imanol Buisan, Maite Ortega, RBK Elizegi/ Italy: Silvia Beltrami, Franz Samsa, Martina Pozzi, Sarah Patroni/ Japan: Seiko Kato/ Slovenia: Marusa Stibelj/ Greece: Fei Alexeli / Canada/ Quebec: Virginie Maltais

Curator: art agent and the exhibition’s curator Stéphane Guibert, who is also a member of a college of expert of the EMR. / Facebook / Instagram

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