Virginie Maltais was born in 1988 and was raised in Quebec City. She has been living in Montreal since 2008. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Montreal and is a regular feature at collective art exhibitions in the city, as a contributer and occasionally as an organizer.

Art and culture has always been an integral part of Virginie’s life. She grew up with a scientist father and a mother who was affiliated with the Contemporary Fine Art Market and also worked as a graphic designer. With a multitude of mediums in her bassin d’exploration, Virginie chose collage with mixed medium for self-expression, which allows
her to retain her love for drawing and painting.

By using glazed paper from fashion magazines as her primary medium, Virginie recreates her own world from an environment that she is already familiar with, viz. fashion. She reintegrates and transforms this known universe in her unique visual language with the help of recurring symbols, fluid and colorful strokes, deliberate rips, and melting blurs.

Passionate about the collage pratice, she is the founder of Quebec Collage who want to promote collage made in Quebec, educate people about this medium, and create a link between others internationnal collage community around the world.