Artistic Statement

Virginie Maltais creates dreamlike collages with intuitive strokes. The artist expresses herself by assembling papers in straight cuts and deliberate rips, combining that with mixed media like oil pastels, dry pastels, watercolor, acrylic, ink, and pen.

In that complex and intriguing space where creation is limiteless, Maltais blends a variety of textures and techniques to create unique works of self-expression. Oil pastels sometimes feature solid colour fill or are sometimes scratched; in the painting space, the artist applies the linocut technique; melt and blur; creating fluid, yin-like strokes with the help of a fan brush.

Each art piece reveals a universe that comes alive using spontaneous color palettes. Maltais’ visual language is expressed symbolically through sensuous body expressions, vortex, thought-provoking glances, and hands that seemingly talk through their evocative gestures. For the artist, each artwork represents a dance between the traits of strength and softness; where fluidity and Nature seamlessly come together. Through her work, the artist gives her
audience an intimate glance into her world where it is possible to get lost and find oneself at the same time…

virginie by zaz

Photo credit : Zaz Tokia